Saturday, November 17, 2012

026. Birthday Celebrations: Public

Editor's Note: So I have been particularly tardy in the last few months with blog updates and subsequently may or may not have photos which accompany the next few updates. I sincerely apologise if the lack of photographs that accompany posts tarnish your food-bebe experience. 

I went to Public a few weeks after they opened up shop in Brisbane so this has been some months now but I have been back a number of times and my impressions have not changed one bit.  I have been back a number of times and as expected, the menu changes seasonally. My first experience was again, for my birthday as part of my birthday dinner week extravaganza. 

First of all, I wanted to note that prior to Public, the space was occupied by a Groove Train restaurant. From when I first discovered that general area, I noticed not as many people frequented that Groove Train compared to their other locations like King George Square or the Eagle Street Pier restaurant. So I wasn't sure how Public would fare. The area is right near the law courts and it is a side of town where a lot of 'suits' work. 

My first impression of Public was that the decor was beautiful, elegant and classy. I was hoping for the same dining experience and it did not disappoint. The Public style of fare is tapas style, small plates of dishes designed to share. The dishes were crafted beautifully and it seemed like no matter what you ordered, they would compliment each other well. I love dining tapas style, it gives me the opportunity to try all the different flavours and combinations which you would otherwise have to come back multiple times to try the entire menu. The food is fresh and absolutely made with the finest quality with amazing flavour combinations. I highly recommend the Texas Brisket with Flour Tortillas and Chilli Sauce, the Asian Slaw and if they still have it as a special, the Scallop Pie. It is simply just amazing, high quality, stylish food. 

The staff were kind, polite and accommodating. I am in love with venues where the lighting is just enough, not too much that you feel like you're in a dining hall or not too little where you feel like you're dining in a closet. The lighting adds to the mystical elegance of the place.

As I mentioned earlier, I have come back a number of times since and I have loved every dining experience. When I find a place I love, I tell the whole world and his dog about it. I am sure that Public will be an establishment that will make its mark into Brisbanes culinary landscape for many years because it truly deserves to. 


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