Saturday, December 24, 2011

017. That's Amore: Alimentari on Adelaide

Alimentari on Adelaide is a cute little deli come cafe on Adelaide Street in the city. What I like about this place is not just the food, but the deli/corner shop within the cafe itself. Selling Italian staples like San Pellegrino and pasta sauces, you can do a quick grocery shop whilst you wait for your meal.

I've been here a few times for a quick casual lunch (sandwiches, salads etc) and it hasn't disappointed. I finally had the time for a bit of a longer lunch and ordered food that wasn't pre-made. 
Prawn salad, steak sandwich, mushroom risotto and potato and sweet potato chips
My companions had positive feedback about their meals. The potato and sweet potato chips were complimented by a creamy garlic aioli. My dish was the mushroom risotto and unfortunately I was less than impressed. This dish lacked the depth of a usual risotto; it did not have the thick consistency of what a risotto should be and was to be quite honest, completely flavourless.

I would still come back to Alimentati, despite the abysmal risotto because their quick lunch options are on par and you can pick up a few deli goods while you're there. Just skip the risotto. 
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