Monday, November 21, 2011

015. Under the Asian sea: The Manor Chinese Restaurant

The southside of Brisbane is littered with late night informal and formal Asian dining  restaurants. Some good, some great, some terrible. Some cheap, some dirt cheap and some a little more pricey. The Manor Chinese restaurant is fantastic and although a little more pricey than the restaurants in the surrounding areas, you get what you pay for and service from the managers adds a bit of entertainment to your meal.  The quality of their food is superb and you get much more quantity wise than a lot of other places. Opening late for yum cha is an added bonus! The last time I went to the Manor, my companion was feeling wealthy and decided on lobster. The waiter was kind, informative and actually made sure we really wanted to go ahead with the order, and being around $130 per kilo, I'm glad she actually made it out like she cared for our wallets and not just wanting to take our cash (I'm quite weary of a lot of Asian places as a lot of Asian's I know, are money hungry). 
The lobster was cooked in a smooth ginger and shallot sauce and it was perfectly fresh. The $300 meal was 'worth every dollar and cent I worked for'. 

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