Sunday, October 9, 2011

009. Burr it's cold in here at: Antarctic Circle

Antarctic Circle is well-known and popular on the south side for really awesome Shabu Shabu (otherwise known as hot pot or steam boat). I, myself have visited a few times for said hot pot, but I have never tried the stone grill. Until a few nights ago.  

One of my housemates, Kris, and I decided to go out for dinner and arrived at Antarctic Circle at around 6:30pm. The restaurant was near empty. Usually I am apprehensive walking into restaurants that are empty, I take it as a sign that something isn't right with the place but as I mentioned, I have been here a few times before so I'm not too fussed. Kris and I are starving and pretty much already decided to have the stone grill. We're ushered to our table and the waiter asks if either of us have been here before. Kris hadn't so the waiter proceeds to explain how it all works. He's a friendly guy and is super helpful, however, I put his eagerness to explain everything on the menu down to boredom. We both order our stone grill dishes. The side dishes arrive promptly to our table: salad and pastry soup.
 Pastry Soup (chicken and corn soup with pastry baked on top)
The soup is lukewarm but is still kind of tasty. I'm not eating the sides because I'm saving myself for the main; Skewer special marinated with Antarctic Circle's own special marinade. I've ordered two lamb, two chicken and 1 beef skewer.
Lamb, Chicken and Beef Skewers with sad looking vegetables.
The skewers come out hot and sizzlin'. Unfortunately, the side of veges aren't so hot. The chicken takes forever to cook because the chunks are quite large and thick so I am forced to wait a bit longer. Once cooked, I'm not impressed. I don't taste any of the special marinade. Kris had ordered the Wagyu steak with mushroom sauce and I promptly swipe some of the sauce and order more. What a fizzer. For a restaurant that I have been to previously for their other main attraction, I expected much of the same quality. Lucked out this time. At least Antarctic Circle do a good Shabu Shabu otherwise I won't be back for the stone grill any time soon.
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